Manhattan Beach Creamery.

SoCal, I love you.  And yes, it does feel a little bit like cheating, but really, how could I not?  You have beaches, long, wide, hot and next to clear blue water.  The waves are never too big, just perfect for body surfing and floating.  Sometimes, it’s true, you do have foggy days, but they’re always just foggy mornings, burning off just around lunchtime.  Everyone is tan, everyone is pretty.  And the fish tacos, the ice cream, the brunches and the outdoor patios that seem constructed simply for lounging outside at all times of the day and night, just eating, drinking and napping.  Oh yeah, and you seem to have all rights to the sun.

Now, of course, it’s only an affair, because it’s NorCal that’s truly the best.  But splitting my time perhaps?  Joint custody?  Maybe a 60-40 divide of my time?  Ideally SoCal weather and NorCal everything would combine with the addition of excellent, excellent beaches.  California at it’s best.

Unfortunately, I do not appear to have geographical land-bending skills, so I’ll never be able to fully execute my plan of folding California so San Francisco and SoCal magically mash together in a most likely devastating but obviously awesome plan of redistricting.  So I guess I’ll have to settle for the occasionally trip down south.  And fish tacos.  And frozen yogurt.

3 thoughts on “Manhattan Beach Creamery.

  1. Sara Angel

    Next time you’re in the South Bay, try out Paciugo Gelato in Hermosa Beach (it’s in Hermosa right next to the Comedy and Magic Club). Way better than the MB Creamery, in my opinion.

    • ninlin

      Really? I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it next time. We just happened upon MB Creamery, and after a day at the beach, it was quite literally perfect.

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