Ton Kiang, Dim Sum.

Although it is Ice Cream week, and despite the fact that yes, most of what I have consumed over the past couple of days has been said ice cream in its many different incarnations, I have eaten other things.  Other things of a familial branch that does not contain the frozen, the custardy, the chock-full-of-butter-toffee-and-shaved-chocolate variety.  Shocking, and not just during Ice Cream Week.

Dim Sum is a fantastic things, at first somewhat confusing.  Who are these people swooping around with trays, pausing at every table?  Where are the menus?   Can we take everything?   Should we take everything?  Thankfully, due to my family’s fondness of eating almost everything, my childhood was filled with Dim Sum.  Absolutely filled, stuffed in every corner by pork buns, pork pastries, shrimp dumplings, taro balls, chive dumplings, spring rolls, jok, egg tarts, sesame balls…

Everywhere.  Dim Sum everywhere.

Ton Kiang, located on Geary in San Francisco, is the favorite Dim Sum location.  Everything is fresh and, most importantly, the baked cha siu bao (baked pork buns) are delicious.  So delicious.  We go, we eat, and then we take more pork buns home. Everything is just as delicious, but there’s just something about the perfect pork bun.  It may just be that I like pork, that I like barbeque sauce, that I love sweet yeast bread.  But all those things together?  Oh Ton Kiang.  Mmmm…. pork buns.

2 thoughts on “Ton Kiang, Dim Sum.

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