Coconut Ice Cream with Bittersweet Chocolate Shavings.

Alright, so ice cream three of Ice Cream Week.  At this point, after Pistachio Ice Cream and Almond Ice Cream, I can’t really make a 100 percent guaranteed claim.  I just can’t, it doesn’t make sense, and chances are that tomorrow I will find a new ice cream, a better ice cream, an ice cream I’m sure is eaten by the gods and the very, very fortunate.

But this Coconut Ice Cream, man.  Today it is the best ice cream I have ever made.  I promise—though obviously my promises about ice cream are fleeting.  But I think, I’m almost entirely sure, that I cannot, that I am not capable of making a creamier, a more delicious, a more perfectly balanced ice cream.  Sure, I’ll try—I’m going to try tomorrow.  But I have little hope because, you see, this ice cream is perfect.

7 thoughts on “Coconut Ice Cream with Bittersweet Chocolate Shavings.

  1. Marisa

    Oooh my this looks gooooood! I am a firm fan of all things coconut, so this definitely gets my vote. Was just thinking the other day why are so few coconut flavoured ice-creams?

  2. Mrs. Forbes

    Is the toasted coconut just for flavor? or can i add some in with the chocolate?

    (my custard is on the stove as we speak. i am super excited because it smells divine!)

    • ninlin

      I strained the toasted coconut from the custard after boiling because it had (hopefully!) given all it’s nice nutty flavor to the custard. I refrained from adding in more with the chocolate because in my experience toasted coconut tends to get soggy after a day or so… and the ice cream is plenty coco-nutty! Maybe some toasted coconut sprinkled on top?

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