Pistachio Ice Cream.

This is the best ice cream I have ever made. It is definitely among best ice cream I have ever eaten and considering the amount of quality ice cream I have consumed in my life, the amount of frozen custard, gelato, milky ice cream, nectar of the gods delivered from a carton that has lined my stomach over the past twenty years, to be among the best, an ice cream has to be pretty good.

In general I go for the chocolate-toffee-coffee variety of ice cream. Maybe a caramel swirl, some chocolate chunks, a little Oreo or chocolate wafer here, vanilla highlight maybe. Cherry Garcia, Mint Chocolate Chip on the rare occasion. But thus far, it’s been chocolate and coffee, sometimes together, sometimes apart. I know what I like. Or at least I thought.

Most surprising about pistachio ice cream and my new found addiction is that it’s green. A pale, slightly earthy green. Secondly, pistachios. Not the most beloved nut in the family. But somehow, somewhere between being ground into butter and churned into ice cream, pistachios go from being the green, slightly misshapen sibling of the golden macadamia and almond to some of the best ice cream I’ve tasted. The play of the slightly salty pistachio and the sweet cream is phenomenal. It’s so good that, with a fudge swirl ready to go into the ice cream machine, a taste of the unaltered ice cream dissuaded me from adding chocolate.

It didn’t need chocolate.

9 thoughts on “Pistachio Ice Cream.

  1. jen

    Hi, i love pistachio ice cream, and was excited to see this on your site. I am a first time visitor. However, i dont see the recipe for it! Can you tell me what recipe you used to make the ice cream? Thanks!

  2. jen

    ok nevermind, i just saw the “page 2” at the bottom and there it is! lol will have to try this now that i know how. thanks!

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