Hapa Ramen and Chicken Kara-age.

Ramen, we love you.  Not just me, no, but my brother and sister too.  And many others.  Ramen, you’re perfect.  Noodles, broth, pork, fried chicken, and slow-poached egg.

Now, Hapa Ramen of San Francisco, that is some good ramen.  Big Daddy Ramen—slow braised pork shoulder, tonkatsu nuggets, noodles somewhere between udon and ramen, fresh corn, green beans, chard in replacement of wakame, and good good broth—Miso Ramen—miso broth, roasted zucchini, vegetables like above—and a rip on Vietnamese iced coffee brewed with cocoa nibs and sweetened with sweet condensed milk.  It’s good.  Good enough to verify the slurp and eating on one’s knees.  Hapa Ramen managed to combine all the good fats and stick it in what can be a relatively lean meal.

Not a bad thing.

Coupled with the San Francisco Farmer’s Market aspect, the lunchtime business hour, and the fact that most SF natives in general like to defy the Rule of Ethnic Food, on this particular Thursday there were more haole (white) businessmen in their pastel shirts and slacks slurping down ramen on the sidewalk.  It was silly, to say the least.  But regardless of the haole aspect, it was delicious ramen.

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