Apple Frangipane Galette.

Rustic baking is the best.  It’s loose, it’s not exact, and it’s relaxing.  Now, loving baking, all baking is in some form, relaxing.  But it’s the degree of relaxation, the amount of effort, and the margin of error that affects the overall relaxation factor.

And Rustic Baking is an extreme form of relaxing baking surpassed only by Chocolate Chip Cookies in the max relaxation factor.

Another most excellent part of Rustic Baking is that most Rustic Baking products—especially the French Rustic Baking products—are just as impressive as baking with less relaxation factors.  Rustic Baking is perhaps the ultimate form of baking showmanship, in the casual appearance of the baked good, a baker can sort of say, “Yea, I just threw this tart together.  On a whim.”

No big deal.

And this Apple Frangipane Galette, as with most galettes, has ultimate casualness in the baking.  It’s delicious, it’s French, it combines pastry dough, an almond custard-like filling, and tops it off with an American-riff of apple pie filling.

One thought on “Apple Frangipane Galette.

  1. Sharon

    nom nom nom. gimme gimme gimme. eats eats eats. I have no more foods at my house…and…perusing your site is not helping. My tummy is rumbly. Feed me.

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