Coffee Cookies. (Brown Butter Shortbread.)

It is hard to improve a cup of coffee. A good cup of coffee, let’s be clear, is strong, well-rounded, opaque in the mug, and rarely with a bitter finish. It has a taste, a thickness, and is much more than brewed water. So, to clarify, a good cup of coffee, just like a great shot of espresso, is very hard to improve upon.

Foamed milk? Yes, it’s lovely, but not necessary to the absolute enjoyment of a cup of coffee. Chocolate? Well, yes. An improvement, but again not necessary when you have that one good cup of caffeine. Cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, etc.—all of these are great deviations of that most perfect brewed espresso or Americano. That was my stance up until very recently, when I received a post-game dinner coffee, with two perfectly round, bite-sized cookies.  Covered in sparkling sugar and with the absolute highest ratio of butter to mass, they were were good.

9 thoughts on “Coffee Cookies. (Brown Butter Shortbread.)

  1. LT

    I saw your recipe on Tastespotting today and made them 2 hours later. Divine. I love you and I hate you for sharing this diabolical recipe with the blogging universe.I predict significant weight gain thanks to these cookies. The browned butter is genius. Thanks again!

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