Sweet Tea.

Sweet Tea is a good thing.  There really isn’t much to say about, except that it is, truly, a good thing.  What it is, exactly, is iced black tea that is brewed in sweetened water.  But for some reason, it’s more.  As with most things related to slow-moving, entirely good-for-you culture, Sweet Tea originated in the South and has consequently made it’s way up to the Midwest, mostly through the golden arches of McDonald’s.  If there is a reason to go to McDonalds, it’s for the Large Sweet Tea for $1.00.

Sweet Tea is what you’d drink on your porch, in 100-degree weather, sitting around in as little clothes as possible.  In the South, of course. Maybe with a cigar, maybe with something fried.  Overlooking a plantation—or at least a field—if you’re feeling ambitious.  But it’d be just fine by itself.  It’d be great by itself.

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