Apple Cobbler.

To be brutally honest, cobblers are not the favorite child in the baked and topped fruit dessert family.  At least in my baked-topped fruit family.  Falling just short of a crisp, and maybe slightly above a Brown-Betty, the cobbler is truly the middle child.  More of a biscuit than a cake, but too soft and not crunchy enough to be a streusel, the cobbler falls somewhere in between the most delicious, and the less delicious.

It may be alarming to realize that sometimes—not all the times, but just sometimes—desserts are referred to here as a family.  But, to put it all in perspective, the chef at a certain sorority likes to refer to ingredients as friends.  For example, when bacon and Maple-Pecan frosting come together, they go on a ‘play date’ because they’re ‘friends.’  They like to kick it together, because, hey, they’re friends.

See, at least I’m not the most deranged in the kitchen.  (Or at least, there are others on par.)

2 thoughts on “Apple Cobbler.

  1. Hannah

    I’ve had this for dinner 3 nights in a row now…it’s getting to be a problem, although surprisingly I think it tasted the best today! Glad to see the pictures came out well!

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