Apple Cider Donuts.

I would like to state, to put on the record if you will, a little fact.  A disclaimer.  A truth that may be contrary to what seems apparently obvious.  That is, I would like you to know—whom ever it is that reads this baking blog—that I actually do eat real food.  I do, I promise.  I enjoy salad, sushi, meat, tofu, vegetables, soup, cheese, pork buns, ramen, bacon, bread that’s not coated in sugar.  Food that actually stays within that lovely food pyramid, food that does not contain more than a day’s worth of a the suggested fats and sweet stuff.

I want you to know that I do not only use caffeine, corn syrup, and lard.  I promise.  Sometimes, I even eat an apple.

So while, I may not have photographic proof of said ‘real’ food, it’s true.  I do actually eat real things that haven’t been baked, glazed, frosted, or sandwiched with peanut butter or almond-sticky-goodness filling.

But what I do have are pictures of donuts.  Delicious, freshly fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar Apple Cider Donuts of the fresh from the Midwestern orchard—though I may be a season or too late—that are hot and perfectly crispy, dense and spicy without being of the doorstop-variety.  Perfect rings and holes of apple-pie-like donuts.

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