Pecan Balls.

There are cookbooks and magazines, there are the food blogs and newspapers, and there are the online recipe engines.  There are televisions shows, web casts.  Today all it takes to find a recipe is a little bit of Google and a couple keywords.  But before all of this, before all the posts and drops downs, the pages and printouts, there were mothers.  And before the mothers came the grandmothers.  Or the Nana, prefix included.

Nana, a Japanese import to the Marina District in San Francisco as I’ll always remember her, is a funny lady.  She wouldn’t share her recipes with her daughters, but hey, as a granddaughter I think I have a little extra pull.  From Nana I’ve probably inherited an over-appreciation of sugar, and under-appreciation of a balanced diet.  She was the one with Ghirardelli chocolate squares and Italian hard candies in her purse.   At all times.

2 thoughts on “Pecan Balls.

  1. Dolce

    I actually had a grandmother on my mother’s side who could never reproduce a recipe, because she always eyeballed everything. On my father’s side, though, my grandmother keeps writing everything, and if I need a recipe, she will bring her notebook to the neighbours, who have a scanner and will email it to me !

  2. Ruben Walborn

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