Lemon Lust Cupcakes.


A weird thing has happened.  It’s strange, it’s unheard of.  It may be akin to pigs flying and certain fiery rings freezing over.  The sky is no longer blue and the grass is a little bit less than green.

Yes, I haven’t wanted anything to do with chocolate recently.

Is it possible to be overloaded?  Is it perhaps because temperatures at home have been so high, chocolate is just slightly unappetizing?  But, it’s chocolate.

There has been no shortage of chocolate—there is a nice one-pound bar of bittersweet sitting in the pantry.  I just haven’t wanted anything to do with it.  So it’s sat there, alone and untouched, the first pound of chocolate—yes, pound—to do so in my presence.  For a brief introduction to my relationship with chocolate I’ll leave you with just one fact—there was a time when, if I didn’t have some chocolate with my morning cup of coffee, I would get that little nagging caffeine headache in the afternoon except if was a cocoa headache.  Yea, how do you spell addiction?

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