Goat Cheese Tatin.


Some might say it’s a little bit ironic that the best Alsatian meal I had on a vacation that included a tour of the actual, physically real and totally European—complete with the Rhine and lot’s of very, very old buildings—was actually in New York City at the Café D’Alsace.  Yes, even though I may be a little slow, the irony is not totally lost on me.

The menu at Café D’Alsace could be said to be more ‘influenced by’ than truly Alsatian.  Not a wholly bad thing.  One of the most delicious dishes was a pureed celery root atop which sat a plump and regal diver scallop.  And yes, pureed celery root is perhaps meant for the slightly older and Q-Tipped-topped crowd, but I don’t care.  It is sooo delicious.

With a huge antiquated mirror in the dimly lit yellow interior clashing in all the right ways against Technicolor Seltzer bottles—an East Coast facet that should really get on the ball and spread out here in the new Western frontiers—the slightly untraditional food fits in just right.  One of the stars, an Alsatian influenced Goat Cheese Tatin, was absolutely perfect.


2 thoughts on “Goat Cheese Tatin.

  1. Dolce

    If you like goat cheese tatin, you should also consider the apetizer dish at Gavroche on 14th st / 7th avenue. It’s really good too. It’s a caramelized onion & potato + goat cheese tatin and will give you a variation on the theme!

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