Brown Butter Turtle Bars with Macadamia Nuts.


Someone once told me that ‘the almond is the Cadillac of all nuts.’  Out of context, yes, it makes absolutely no sense that an almond is the nutty equivalent of a Caddie.  But as a well behaved little food blogger—schooled in the house of proper explanation etiquette—most if not all the goodies come with a little bit of a back story.  So here goes.

Back to the nut-cars.  As my friend explained, a peanut, salted and delicious yes, but run of the mill, it the Honda Civic of nuts.  A salted and jarred cashew is also more of the Toyota and Subaru variety.  A walnut, maybe roasted and dressed for a salad, is more like a Lexus or a Peugeot.  And finally the almond, versatile in sweets and savories, delicious raw or toasted, salted or sugared, as marzipan or almond butter, is the Cadillac.  Makes sense, no?

Here though, is where I have to ask, why have a Cadillac when you could have a Ferrari or a Mercedes, a BMW or my personal over-seas favorite, an Alfa Romeo.  Really, why settle for the Caddie when there are so many more luxurious options available?


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