Fresh Fruit Tart.


Francois Payard, I want to love you, I really do.  It’s me I’m sure, not you.  But for the second time in the row, it hasn’t worked out between us.  I know, I know.  It’s my fault—I’ve obviously been overworking or under working everything.  But it’s a trend, and it’s causing me a little distress.

First there was the chocolate genoise cake.  I had to turn to my tried and true Martha recipe for an easy, moist, delicious, perfectly chocolaty yet not-too-sweet…yea.  It was all my doing, I know, I’m sure, but still; a cake should not prop a knife up on its end.  And now, the pastry cream.  Oh, the pastry cream.  It tastes so good, but it’s truly a sauce.  Now, it was 90-plus degrees when I made it, so that might have factored in.  But again, I had to turn to Martha.

I don’t know what to do.  But for the time being, all I can give you is that your ideas are great.  And actually, you have produced a delicious pate sucree.

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