Supposing, hoping, longing, dreaming….thinking there may be at least, you know, four people out there checking this here little blog semi-recently– out of boredom, lack of other things to do, or just a mis-click of the mouse perhaps, whatever– I apologize for the unexplained abscense.  While the timeliness of my posting has not been all that reliable in general, a ten day lack is by far my biggest gap.

So, here is the excuse.  Amsterdam.  And other little towns and cities that will soon come to follow.  Amsterdam, the Rhine, and absolutely no WiFi.  Or, in the case of the Dutch and the French ‘Wiifii.’


Yea, a little jet lagged.  More to come, much more concise, actual content.  (Maybe not all that concise.)

But let me say just one thing– the Europeans know their cheese.  Recipe for a filling and absolutely delicious lunch?  1 part extra sharp Dutch Gouda, and a little bit of crusty fresh baguette.  Perfect.


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